Free 15 min Introductory Call

New to Ama-vita? Learn about our offers and find the right “Holistic Medicine” approach for you. Tell us about your situation and we will suggest the best solutions. We speak in English, German, French, Dutch and Spanish.

Metavital TS Expert Scans

The scans performed by Metavital TS Expert are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and empowered by the most advanced Russian Frequency Medicine Technology currently available that measures up to 70 billion measurement points working with light speed and non-invasive scalar waves.

Quick Check
“Frequency Medicine”

Our “Quick check” offers you a quick but also profound look at your actual health situation to find out where your body is deviating most from the perfect frequencies.

Online through Zoom or in-person appointment

This scan is perfect also for Health practitioners and doctors who want to have a quick first look on the health situation in an energetic way or to use this quick scan for their health approach.


  • General weak and unbalanced organs, systems or points to work on (for example microorganisms for Biomagnetism).
  • Trauma quick check with list of traumas and psychovegetative situations in English (German on request)
  • Food quick check with food and allergy list following measured situation, 5 elements TCM and blood type in English (German on request).

Full Session
“Holistic Medicine”

Full Scan with analysis and corrections with treatment transformed into MP3 for continuous treatment for following 2-3 months including personal support and advice. Energy Medicine and Biomagnetism including trauma-release and a quick house energy check .

  • Intro zoom meeting 30 minutes
  • Full scan with treatment 
  • Programming of counterfrequencies and positivefrequencies on chip of basic globuli. 
  • Biomagnetisme for neutralisation of microorganismes by repolarisation of concerned bodtypoints
  • Quick Energy-test of house and foreign energies
  • Report with major points, microorganismes, reasons of imbalances
  • Food-and allergy list following measurement, 5 elements and blood type
  • Live zoom meeting with discussion of possible  action points, Energy Medicine basic tests and personalised exercises, trauma release including learning how to release yourself your own trauma’s
  • Video program for changing thoughts and habits for long-lasting trauma-release (coming soon)
  • Human Design Chart Analysis and tips for your personal energetic design (coming soon)

Full 6 Month Health Program

Full Session plus 3 continuous Frequency Medicine sessions, personal follow up and coaching during 6 months offers you to evaluate all steps toward perfect health on the foot. This program is perfect for any person to stay in top condition and any person coming from a more complex health situation needing a continuous evaluation of their health situation and working intensively on all levels of “Holistic Medicine”: body, emotions, energy of body and house, radiation and other impacts onto the body…

  • Full scans with analysis and corrections 
  • Biomagnetisme for neutralisation of microorganismes by repolarisation of concerned points
  • Geobiology full session by video-connection including Building Biology advices following online house check up
  • Follow up measurements and treatments every 2 month (3 sessions in total)
  • Reports with evaluation of situation
  • Food-and allergylist and food and healthy cooking advice for balanced ph level
  • Live zoom meetings for action points, support, questions, Energy Medicine personalised exercises and trauma-release 
  • Life follow up sessions for changing thoughts  and habbits for continious trauma-free situation including video sessions (coming soon)
  • Astrology life session with advice following your personal situation (coming soon)

Video introduction to Frequency Medicine session

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