“Frequency-Medicine” for Horses

Coming from the Human field with more than 20 years of experience, we offer the same technology for measuring horses too. Discover the possibilities even with a remote on-distance measurement.

Imagine that you do not need to fly your horse to a clinic for unknown reasons, but check first what is going on, even on distance…
Imagine your race horse being treated just one hour before the race, remotely on distance, as we did in Normandy, France with great success…
Perhaps are wondering about strange behaviour in your horse or in your stable and want to find out why…

About Reinhard Becker

Reinhard Becker counts decades of experience working with horses in France and the UK, and is an international trainer for the MetaVital Frequency Scan systems. The best veterinarians in France and Belgium have been trained by Reinhard and continue to work with these systems actively.

Being with horses and riding himself for more than 20 years in France and the UK, he brings a depth of personal experience in supporting veterinarians and equestrian organizations worldwide.



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