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Ama-Vita specializes in leading edge approach to regaining optimal health.

Increasingly, mainstream medical treatments and therapies appear to be insufficient or ineffective. The underlying causes of illness and disease are asking to be examined from a completely different angle. The issues surrounding cancer, cardiovascular disease, allergies, autoimmune diseases, toxins and parasites have become much more complex. Classical medicine is structured differently from energy medicine, from Traditional Chinese Medicine (with its thousands of years of proven effectiveness) and from all kinds of other therapies. All have their advantages and the psyche plays a much bigger role in this than we think.

A sensible harmony between these cures is a ‘healthy’ vision of true holistic medicine.

We believe that there are ‘natural’ solutions for both minor and ‘more serious’ diseases. We believe in the application and combination of the different levels to achieve a healing and it depends on the situation of the person which levels are needed to improve and/or to heal or to define the consciousness (according to Dr. Amit Goswani)

Our mission is to further develop a pilot center where we offer solutions to private and professional customers and offer the knowledge, concept and support to professionals to build their own holistic center.

An easy overview of “Holistic Medicine” can be easily obtained by mapping the 4 levels in “Holistic Medicine” (subconscious and conscious psychology, energy medicine and “frequency medicine”) together with the impact of the external factors (positive and negative) and also to apply.

Find out what our diagnostic scans and treatment plans can do for you.

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