Why Building Biology & Geobiology?

Building Biology and Geobiology Readings, Remote or On-Site

Why should I measure my house?

Our home can burden us more than we might think, after all, we spend a large part of our time in our house. If, after moving into a house, a resident develops health problems in the short, medium or long term that keep coming back or do not go away, you can assume that the house itself could play a major role here. Fatigue and burn-outs, as well as migraines, suggest that too much e-smog is present. In particular, combinations of toxins and radiation can together put a lot of strain on you and your family. Blood and vascular diseases and cancer should certainly be high on the list. But also simply not feeling well in the house is a reference that something could be wrong.

Who Should Get a Building Biology Consultation?

A building biology consultation is a good first step for people who need tips and advice about their home.

  • You are about to buy a house or a building plot
  • You want to renovate your house in a ‘healthy’ way
  • You want to make your own home healthier/lower radiation
  • You have chronic complaints or are seriously ill and want to know whether this could have something to do with your home

Live in a healthy house in order to remain healthy and vital yourself

A building biology measurement brings clarity to the radiation loads present in your home and provides you with solutions to protect yourself as much as possible.

It is also urgently time for us citizens to resist the unwanted and imposed taxes by the high frequencies of cell towers and wireless networks (e.g. Telenet homspot stations) so that the government can finally take up its responsibility and drastically change the legislation to make us citizens better. protect the crimes of industry.

The combination of the radiations with the heavy metals such as Aluminum and Barium sprayed daily at high altitudes are not only making us seriously ill but are completely poisoning our planet (see video of the famous Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt). This is no longer about believing or not believing, but about thousands of studies from all over the world that demonstrate what we have been measuring in people and homes for years.

The following symptoms indicate the importance of a building biology measurement:

Waking up tired

If you always wake up tired, even after getting enough sleep, this is a very clear sign that something may be wrong with geopathic stress. Waking up tired is proof that the body was unable to recover during the night’s rest.

Chronic, unexplained illness

If you are or remain chronically ill without identifiable causes, this may indicate an extra load on a body part.

Chronic diseases such as CFS and Fibromyalgia

If you are chronically ill, your body is so much opposed by the geopathic stress that it can no longer recover properly on its own. For example, according to German reports, leukemia is always related to geopathic stress on the upper body.

Cold hands and feet

If you have cold hands and feet (so-called chilblains and winter feet), you can assume that radiation affects your blood circulation so negatively that it no longer flows properly in the fine blood vessels.


If you have cancer it would be good to know that according to a German study almost all cancer patients have low energy and geopathic stress can be directly related to this. A special feature are the “cancer streets”, streets where all houses suffer from the same geopathic problems. According to medical information, leukemia always has to do with geopathic disturbances in the upper body. From the technical side, cancer can easily be linked to radiation from the house (E-smog, E-stress, high frequencies, magnetic fields…). More information about cancer…

Babies who don’t stay “beautiful”

Babies still have the feeling of avoiding the bad rays of the earth and the mothers are always amazed that their baby wakes up completely twisted in their crib and in a completely different place. This is where moving the crib helps until their baby stays in place “normally”. It is therefore also recommended not to clamp the baby with a tightly pulled blanket but rather to place it in a baby sleeping bag to give them the opportunity to move around in the crib.

Children’s ADHD Behavior

Children are hunted by excessively high interference fields from earth rays, while adults are more likely to become tired. The “nervous” behavior of the children can disappear immediately if you move the bed.

Sick pets

Animals with abnormal behavior in their box/sleeping place/house. But also in animals (horses, cows, dogs …) strange behavior disorders can occur when constantly having to lie or stand above earth rays. Dogs, for example, bark all night long and are restless in their cage. Horses run away. Chickens, rabbits always coop in one part of the barn, avoid the other or there are premature births or miscarriages in sheep etc. Having stables or pens measured out is an enormous help in making the animals feel good. It is also possible that animals sometimes take over the diseases to ‘protect’ their owner. This phenomenon may be very controversial. But it makes sense that an animal that lives in the environment of a person and gets sick is a sign to take action.

Becoming weak or sick after moving

If you have just moved and can’t sleep well and you clearly notice that something is not right with your night’s sleep…. That is the sign that your old place of residence was better for your body than the new one. In this case, it is better to have your house measured for all taxes in and around the house.

Autism in children, Alzheimer’s and Dementia

The statistics show an exponentially growing number of autism. Alzheimer’s and dementia have become a problem for almost everyone with increasing old age. Main causes are the combinations of heavy metals, toxins and the literal ‘frying’ of our brains by wireless radiation means that we are permanently unable to learn.

We Conduct Geobiological Measurements Online

In modern times we can also offer this service remotely. Together with an online zoom appointment, it is perfectly possible to measure, map and improve the entire house together remotely. Geobiology measurements can also be requested separately with our instruments that we send to you.

Ready to book an assessment for your home or building?

A building biology measurement brings clarity to the radiation loads present in your home and provides you with solutions to protect yourself as much as possible.

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