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Repolarise the two depolarised points of energy Yin and Yang with two magnets….

One, if not THE most important links in the revived understanding of Holistic Health can be found in an almost forgotten technique called BioMagnetism that was found more than 30 years ago by Dr. Isaac Goiz. The basis of this technique is measuring the depolarisation points with a negative and positive magnet and rebalance the harmony by these two magnets within 20 minutes. The direct consequence is that the microorganismes can no more dock onto the depolarised energies Yin and Yang and disapear as soon as the depolarisation will be rebalanced.

In memory of Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran

13.04.1941 – 27.03.2021

Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran was a doctor from Mexico who should have earned the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of the Bio-Magnetic Pairs already 30 years ago. This knowledge is so invaluable that Ama-Vita does everything it can to pass on this knowledge. Dr. Goiz showed how easily viruses, parasites and all other microorganisms and the associated de-polarities can be measured and neutralised…. and in as little as 20 minutes! Feel yourself the difference once you apply this knowledge to your own body…

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