About Reinhard Becker

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”
– Nicola Tesla

Reinhard Becker has been an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner since 2015. He is also an EFT Practitioner (London/ UK), Matrix Energetics Practitioner (basic, practitioner and Mastery courses in Germany) and he followed Chinese meridian theory (Belgium).

Supporting professionals with education, training, and systems, Reinhard is passionate about helping healers, coaches, doctors and therapists offer “Holistic Medicine” by themselves to their customers/patients.

Reinhard Becker owned and operated the Belgian health and energy center Ama-vita for more than 15 years, where high-tech and innovative health systems have found their way. His challenges continue from Easter 2022 in Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa and since July 2022 in Egypt.

‘To measure is to know’ is his motto. Finding natural remedies and solutions for even the most difficult diseases is his constant challenge. Everything about improving people’s health and energy is his specialty.

Reinhard is also an International Building Biologist and Geobiologist. He was the first in Belgium to introduce ‘Earthing’ and started his own Earthing line. 

As an NLS (not linear system) analyst and specialist, he has been a business partner and international trainer of the systems of Metavital (formerly: Oberonsystemen) for more than 12 years. 

Today he shares his knowledge worldwide on site and online to any health orientated professional working with horses, humans and houses.

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