How do you feel yourself in your house?

Geobiology is all about natural impact onto your house. Do you feel good and full of energy or do you wake up tired? Is there any strange feeling about your house you cannot explain? We give answers and solutions to these questions and measure also the impact of your house even in your body.


Geo = everything that has to do with our earth & Bio = life

In the earth runs a network of energy lines, which can be compared with the meridian system of the human body. This system of terrestrial energy orbits was originally almost completely neutral. Some energy paths had (and still have) a strong positive effect, such as the ley lines. Mother Earth has a clear intention with these networks. They are energy charging. They keep the Earth and all life on it in balance.

Our ancestors had much more knowledge about this, even without modern scientific measuring instruments, than we do today. The megaliths of Weris, for example, are very precisely placed above important major intersections of telluric energy lines. Not one disturbing line runs through the rock formation. They are passed around this rock formation due to the very strong energy present.

The Megaliths of Weris, Belgium

Today, due to chemical pollution, metal contaminants (the foundation iron of buildings, metal objects such as a car or washing machine in the garage under the bedroom, etc) and also the large amounts of negative information from human action (such as wars), many layers of earth and her water veins have acquired a negative charge and have become carriers of harmful frequencies.

That is why these lines from the earth have become burdensome for us and are called geopathic load lines. Many water veins, earth faults and earth fissures in the earth’s bottom today deviate from the wavelength, frequency, direction and intensity of the natural radiation pattern of the Earth’s magnetic field.

In addition to the geopathic stresses of earth rays, water veins or fault lines, we also have vortexes, Hartmann and Curry networks and other newer grid networks that influence us.

Plants and trees become sick, grow less quickly or show deformities above earth rays or their intersections.

While a few animals thrive (cats and ants seem to be able to withstand geopathic stress), most animals show behavioral problems (like dogs, horses…) run away or get sick.

Scientific studies prove that people are greatly disrupted by these interference lines.

Hartmann lines crossing (red) pulling down your energy

Example of disturbing lines: Hartmann lines (red), water veines (blue) and personal disturbing line (green) impacting a bed place. Crossing points are most impacted.

Fortunately, all these interference fields are measurable and there are easy solutions with natural and/or modern technologies

We have learned abroad from various masters to detect these disturbance lines and vortexes and to skillfully divert or neutralize them. Measurements in cancer patients always show not only strong radiation in the house, but also until now always intersections of the interference lines exactly where the cancer has broken out. The same observation again and again. This is not surprising, given that these junctions strongly weaken the body at this exact spot. Over time, this reduces the oxygen supply in the cells so much that cancer can break out (See Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize winner in medicine).

Building Biology

Building Biology is all about technical measurements of your house or building like radiation, e-stress. on our body by different influences like High Frequencies (5G, 4G, modem etc), electromagnetic waves from any kind of electric device.

When we talk about Building Biology, we talk about measurements of all kind of radiation, electromagnetic fields, high frequencies, radioactivity and all measurable impact onto our health within our house or building. Probably the most underestimated challanges within our today society are the high frequencies coming from antenna’s and our own wireless modems, sending to us up to more than 40.000 myW/m2 while the German norms for harmless are 20 and harming our body starting at 100 myw/m2. Only these figures gives us an idea that we are playing with our health and even life keep on using these systems in the way they are presented to us…..

The second hugh impact onto our health is the invisible e-stress coming from any kind of electromagnetic waves around us at any moment we are in a house knowing that shielded wires are nearly non existing in the whole world. Unearthed electricity in houses makes all even much worse and while Apple for example is selling all over the world their laptops without any earthing anymore, the tension measured onto the body go’s up to 95 Volt while the German disturbing value starts at 0,1 Volt. Fridges without earthing rise up to about 80 volt, washing machines also…. while simple earthing them will even get positive impact. Apple f.e. is selling earthed power supply cable seperately at Apple store, a must for any Mac user to get straight away….

We find within Building Biology and Geobiology probably 90% of technical root causes of death of modern society. Unfortunably, they are silent killers until we might wake up and start doing changes in our life….

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