Metavital Horse • Online / Onsite Measurements

All measurements can be done in German or English. Zoom sessions and reports can be given in English, German, French, Dutch and Spanish. Egyptian assessment possible upon request.

Free Introduction Session

Questions and answers for finding out the right approach to the personal health of your horse within our free introduction session of 15 minutes.

Horse Session
Frequency Medicine 

Expand the possibilities of the future already today by applying “Frequency Medicine” for horses with unknown ways to analyze and treat any horse anywhere.

Full Health Program for Horses

Frequency Medicine, Psychology & Trauma Release and Building Biology and Geobiology for the Stable

We work on distance by DNA sample and detailed information of your horse or we come to your stable and measure and treat your horses with the most advanced systems and knowledge not only in Frequency Medicine but also within Geobiology, Building Biology, and Energy Medicine.

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