Building Biology

We measure houses and buildings and also train any interested person within Building Biology and Geobiology. With over 12 years of experience in Belgium, Germany, the UK and France, we bring you the most complete knowledge for creating “healthier” homes and workspaces.

What is Building Biology?

“Building Biology” consists of analyzing all types of measurable radiations in our houses and buildings which could have a negative impact onto our health. The most common disturbing radiations are the “High Frequencies” better known as WIFI, 3G, 4G (5G is extremely dangerous), low frequencies, E-stress and radioactivity which can come from products (plaster) and natural products (granite) or natural situations (earth-related fissures leaking radioactivity). Also too much differences in our earth’s magnetic field can result in disturbances weakening our own body energy and is measured within 3 dimensions in the ground right under our bed places where the impact is the most dangerous.

Building Biology can also be used for finding water. Interesting for countries which seek to recreate green zones within their desserts.

Our work is to measure these situations and to offer healthier solutions to our clients.

Once you see for yourself the radiation and the impact on the human body via body measurements, you will start changing your living and working circumstances.

A common example is of a disrupted earth magnetic field which does not let you get your energy during your sleep so you wake up chronically tired. Cancer patients have been shown to also have very bad energy within their homes and particularly at their sleeping places.

Major Sources of Radiation in our Homes and Buildings

The most neglected radiations are the High Frequencies from our own WIFi installations and outside antennas, and our E-stress created by our own electrical wires, lamps and systems we use within our own house.

Unearthed Sockets

The situation of “unearthed” or “ungrounded” sockets is in some countries a horrible negligence skyrocking our E-stress up to 70 Volt tension while 0,1 Volt is already heavy disturbing our own body field.


Antennas have a very negative impact on our health. Highly sensitive persons feel them immediately affecting their body and need to leave. Staying within their radiation field leads to heavy consequences such as cancer, brain tumors and chronic fatigue.


The newest 5G antennas are emitting microwaves and therefore rather a microweapon killing any human and animal depending on the used frequency. Living within their impact will end in death. Most measured frequencies reach higher than 40.000 myW/m2. The allowance values are 20 myW/m2 With such value’s the consequences can result in death.

Wireless earphones

are sending high frequencies within our brains burning holes in them. Brain tumors, Alzheimers, Parkinsons and degenerative brains are the consequences. Time to wake up as long we still have the brains to think about it!

Artificial fibers

Used in clothes and blankets, synthetic fibers rise the electrostatic tension around our body up to 20.000 Volt/ m and higher. The allowance within German Building Biology is 20 V/m. The consequence is the depolarization of blood cells which leads to chronic fatigue and stress, and eventually cancer, heart attack and stroke.


Smartmeters are actually “silent killers” that have been banned in some countrie salready. They can be neutralized by using a metal protection sheath around them preventing them from sending their radiation into the interior of homes and buidlings.

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