For Health Professionals: Rapid Diagnostic Services for your Patients,

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Ama-vita offers holistic diagnostic services especially to doctors and therapists.

We use the most modern systems that are already part of the ‘frequency medicine of the new age.’ Frequency medicine is not yet well known in western classical medicine. However, it offers very good benefits that provide excellent support for the diagnosis and treatment proposals of the physician and/or therapist. This state-of-the-art technology can be applied very easily for your patients, regardless of the distance from the patient. Oberon is medically certified for the EC countries and even for China.

Doctors and therapists can call on a quick check to get a quick first view of the weakened points of the body (as prescribed). They can also do full body measurements on prescription with summary report. A quick check is also a perfect first introduction to a holistic approach and quick scan of the body.


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Expand your knowledge by learning about Energy Medicine and using our online frequency measurements and treatments.


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How and why does a distance measurement and treatment work?

Our frequency medicine diagnostic tools are based on the principle of scalar waves. The most well-known use of scalar waves is in the treatment of cosmonauts who are measured and treated from a distance. The strong and permanent control of their health status and the direct adjustment from the command center on Earth ensures that the cosmonauts in space remain perfectly healthy even during a longer stay. This is done with scalar wave systems like our Oberon Pathfinder.

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