How to create earthed sockets in an unearthed house/building

A. Needed material

  • 1 m of cable (grey): 2 x 3 mm2 (or 3 x 3 mm2)
  • 5 – 10 m earthing wire (green/yellow): 3 mm2
  • 1 plug for grey cable
  • 1 socket for grey cable with earthing
  • screwdriver, cutter knife, cutter tang, tape

B. Instructions

  1. Connect the 2 wires of one grey cable side with the plug (white).
  2. Connect the other end of the grey cable at the socket (black) and add there the earthing wire (green/yellow).
  3. Connect the other end of the earthing wire with an earthing connection. This could be a cold water outlet (metal) under the sink (unofficially) or better an earthing rod outside into the ground The official earthing connection for houses outside with the 1,5m long earthing rod is 16 mm2. In house earthed sockets have 2,5mm2.
  4. Test with E-stressmeter if the connection is earthed

The white plug connects the electricity socket without earthing to your cable (220 V).

The green/yellow 3 mm2 wire and the other side of the grey cable with 2 x 3 mm2 wires are connected together in our earthed socket connection.

The other end of the green/yellow wire can be connected outside the building with an original earthing rod. If no soil around available, the only earthing in the house will be your earthed water supply connection which is normally not foreseen for earthing use.

Check your earthing connection and earthed socket always with an E- stressmeter and make sure the earthing rod stays always in wet ground.

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