How and why does a distance measurement and treatment work

The most well-known distance measurements and treatments are probably to be found in space travel, where the cosmonauts are measured and treated from a distance. The strong and permanent control of their health status and the direct adjustment from the command center on Earth ensures that the cosmonauts in space remain perfectly healthy even during a longer stay. This is done with scalar wave systems like our Oberon Pathfinder.

There are also people with special sensitivity who themselves support their customers / patients with distance healing. The most famous distance healers have provided countless tests and proof that this is possible. Scientific evidence supports their knowledge and ability to treat at a distance.

Perhaps the oldest method we know of that scalar waves were transmitted at a distance comes from the Romans. Professor Meyl has found evidence in this regard that the commander in Rome passed on information and especially orders from a great distance via special ‘receiving stations’ in, for example, Brittany. It used to be impossible to use the normal way via horsemen at this distance in order to be able to pass on orders so quickly. Prof. dr. Meyl works together with our producer of Oberon.

The more technical side of scalar waves can be found on our Oberon technical page. We are also happy to send additional information about this to anyone who wishes to delve into this.

For anyone new to quantum physics, there are also some good presentations and videos on the market. The video ” what the bleep do we know part 1 ” and the follow-up video “what the bleep do we know part 2 “. The follow-up to these videos is ” down the rabbit hole ” which gives a first good insight into quantum physics. Excellent and simple explanation in 5 minutes can be found on the website of Mr. Quantum ” Easy Quantum Mechanics “. More good explanatory videos can be found under the name of ” Dr. Quantum ” on youtube.

A medical ultrasound-demonstrated remote treatment by three doctors at a Chinese hospital shows treating a woman with a bladder tumor in minutes. For this purpose, concentrated scalar waves from three trained doctors were used. The video was made public by the famous Gregg Bradon . He shows the creation of electric and magnetic waves with an experiment that scientifically demonstrates in a hospital how frequencies technically reduce bladder cancer under the supervision of a permanent ultrasound.

A further form of close distance treatment is Energy Medicine and also Matrix Energetics. Both techniques are scientifically and empirically proven.

The perhaps easiest proofs that frequencies themselves pass through solid walls and glass and that we use it every day: the wireless connection to the GSM mast, WIFI and the base station of a wireless telephone that connects to a wireless telephone through a wall… . This can only be explained with quantum physics.

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