Drawing up the personal allergy and food list measurement with Oberon Pathfinder


• measuring food intolerances or allergies to food

• automatic preparation of food lists and food allergy lists —> are forwarded to the therapist or doctor by e-mail

• short report on the most important possible burdening causes and a sketch according to the measurement results.


Due to the allergy list, we measure very specifically in the pancreatic duodenum and Oberon determines very precisely against which nutrients the body reacts badly here. This food allergy is ranked from highly allergic to least allergic.

For the nutritional list, different cross-sections of the body are taken, involving as many organs as possible. A list of all foodstuffs is determined from this. The ranking is from very good for the body and highly recommended to not good for the body.

The allergy list always takes precedence over the food list if, for example, a food is generally well accepted but has an allergic reaction in the pancreatic duodenum.

All values ​​are measured with a degree of probability and demonstrated quantitatively as well as qualitatively. This probability is shown via a calculated number. For example, 0.00 means the greatest probability, so 100% applicable. Values ​​of 0.425 mean 90% probability. In the food list, therefore, the upper and smallest values ​​mean the most suitable foods for the body. The lowest values ​​on this list therefore mean the least suitable for eating. The color codes such as green = recommended visually already show how we like these foodstuffs best. Click on the photo below to enlarge.

In the allergy list, the pancreatic duodenum reacts allergically to all these foods, so it is better not to eat now. The top products are the most allergic, the bottom products slightly less (click to enlarge on the photo on the left).

The professionals also receive a PDF for their customers/patients that contains a full explanation of how they best apply the food and allergy lists.

The memory of an allergic reaction can be weakened in various ways or disappear completely. One method is to completely abstain from the nutrient for months. Well-known examples are wheat, gluten, milk….

By following the food and allergy lists, the therapist, doctor and the client see for themselves how far and well they are improving by taking the food and the allergic substances into account.

More information about the Oberon Pathfinder can be found on this website under Oberon.

In addition to this service, we are happy to support the professionals with workshops, training in Energy Medicine to be able to perform energy tests themselves. We are also happy to provide full support in function of the influence of the home and work environment on your patients. More information about house problems and solutions can be found on our website www.baubiologie-geobiology.com . International Masterclasses , organized by Mieke Coghe, are unique and special workshops, given by world-class masters who come to Belgium for this purpose. We would be happy to speak to you personally to agree on the best cooperation between your practice / center and us and our services and systems .us for detailed info, prices and appointments.

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